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Security Camera Installation in TonbridgeIf you want to install CCTV at a property in Tonbridge, look no further than Maidstone CCTV. Our team of experienced professional engineers work daily in Tonbridge, installing security cameras, repairing faults, surveying properties, and offering advice to those who wish to know more about CCTV and their surveillance camera options. We offer the most high tech solutions, and our incredible range of products and services means that we can offer bespoke packages to our customers. Whatever your CCTV and surveillance needs, we can provide!

CCTV Fitting Specialist In Tonbridge Kent

The products and services we offer include the following:

Night Vision Cameras - Darkness used to be a problem for surveillance cameras. Not any more! Our CCTV camera installations utilise the very latest in night vision technology to ensure that your cameras are picking up a clear, precise, and easily identifiable picture in even the darkest conditions. Every feature of people filmed is picked up by these cameras, making it very easy to tell who's who during viewing! This will prove a deterrent even to criminals who like to work under the cover of darkness.

CCTV Maintenance Company In TonbridgeMotion Activated Cameras - If you're concerned about energy usage, we can provide you with motion sensitive options. Having motion activated cameras installed means that your cameras won't spend hours burning energy filming nothing at all. Instead, they'll only come 'alive' and start filming when movement within their field of 'vision' activates them. Don't worry - the sensor is extremely sensitive, so it can't be fooled by slow or stilted movement!

Remote Access Cameras - Do you tend to worry about your property while you're away? We've got a solution. With remote access, you can 'log in' to your camera's feed from anywhere, and view what your cameras are 'seeing' through your phone, laptop, or mobile device. Few things are quite as effective at providing peace of mind as a 24 hour view of your property!

Wireless Cameras - For quick, easy, and mess-free installation, we recommend wireless cameras. They can be set up very easily, and don't require any drilling into your walls.

Repairs And Upgrades - Our team in Tonbridge are always on hand to answer any questions, make recommendations, and to fix or upgrade your security camera system. In the unlikely event that the surveillance system we install develops a fault, we will come out to fix or upgrade it as soon as we possibly can.

CCTV Maintenance Services In Tonbridge Kent

Kent based home security specialistsThere has never been a better time for the people of Tonbridge to install CCTV cameras. The price of manufacturing surveillance technology has dropped significantly lately, meaning that we're able to provide incredibly high quality products at budget prices. Sadly, this coincides with an increase in crime levels nationwide. A recent Home Office report found that properties with CCTV cameras attached were an incredible 80% less likely to be targeted by criminals than those unguarded by surveillance equipment. The efficacy of CCTV evidence in not only identifying criminals, but in ensuring that they are punished by the courts means that modern criminals are increasingly wary of going near properties with CCTV installed. This is more and more the case, as surveillance technology becomes ever more impressive, and CCTV films put increasing numbers of criminals in jail. If you want to protect your property from being targeted by criminals, having a surveillance system installed is thus a very effective deterrent.

If you want to know more, but aren't sure about what kind of CCTV system is right for you, we'll be very happy to advise you on the options available. With our level of expertise, and our wide range of products and services, we can tailor your surveillance solution to your particular needs. Call us today, and we'll send an engineer out to undertake a CCTV survey of your Tonbridge property, completely for free! Following this, we will draw up a plan for you, and get a quote out to you within 24 hours.

Our Services Include

  • Complete CCTV System Design
  • Surveillance Camera Fitting
  • Business Property Protection
  • Securing Your Home
  • Remote Access Cameras
  • CCTV Camera Upgrades
  • IP Camera Installations
  • Motion Detection Cameras
  • Night Vision Cameras
  • CCTV Camera Repairs
  • Camera Maintenance Contracts